Welcome to your newsletter for week ending April 26th

Another week has flown by with lots going on in school as usual. Today we held a working party for parents and carers to help evaluate our Values, Behaviour and Relationship Policy. Thankyou so much to all the parents and Governors who gave up their time. Mrs May (our new SENDCo) held her first 'coffee and chat' drop in. Again, thankyou to the parents and Governors who popped in to say hello.

As we did last year, we are already working on the calendar for 24-25 and have started off with a programme of opportunities for families to be more involved in school life. We have planned a range of events ranging from 'stay and learn' sessions to subject specific sessions for parents and carers to know more about the way we teach certain aspects of the curriculum. We are aiming to share the full calendar with you as soon as possible.

Read on for more news about our week!



What's Coming Up

Monday 29th 4BE and 4O Swimming Lessons
Tuesday 30th 4A Swimming Lesson
Friday 3rd RC Forest School
Monday 6th Bank Holiday
Tuesday 7th Mount Pleasant Trip- RR & RGR
Thursday 9th Mount Pleasant Trip- RC
Friday 10th RC Forest School
Year 3 and 4 music concert (14:00-15:30)


Values of the Week

Today the teachers presented Values Champion Certificates to the following children for demonstrating Challenge.

RC - Jonathan M 3C - George M
RGR - Lauren A 3O - Brandon W
RR - Darcie C 3S - Keelie C
1C - Dexter H-S 4A - Robyn B
1RT - Andres G 4BE - Emma W
1S - Milo D 4O- Renesme L
2ES- Sidney B 5H - Autumn H-S
2T- Sophia Z 5HPS - Violet Co
2TJ - Tinodiwa M 5S - Georgia-Millie R-B
6GW- Rebecca H
6M- Callen S
6S - Oscar H

This week's winners are:

* ASHA (Reception) - RR 

* AXEL (KS1) - 1S

* ATTIE (KS2) - 4O


Crossing Guard – Stand In

Unfortunately, this week our beloved crossing guard Jane has been off work. Fortunately for BVP, our very own Mrs M volunteered for the role to ensure all our children and families could safely cross the busy Woodbrooke Rd. At BVP, we work as a team and are always ready to step in and support in another role for the benefit of our school family. Thanks Mrs M… just make sure you return the lollipop!


Year 5 Boys District Football

Some sporting success to share – a few of our Bournville boys have been representing the school in the Kings Norton District Y5 football team. They have done themselves proud with some outstanding performances and results, finishing second in their league and winning the city 5-a-side tournament in September. Well done boys!


Arbor Consents

To all parents and guardians,

We have been working hard behind the scenes to make the list of consents for pupils clear and easy to identify. You can view what you have consented to (or withdrawn) via Arbor.

Please take a few minutes to review which consents you have granted for your child/ren and make sure they are up to date.

Below is a helpful guide on how to navigate to this area within both the portal and the app.


As ever, our office team are more than happy to support with any queries or questions.

BVP's Budding Mathematicians 

On Tuesday, four Y5 mathematicians returned to King Edward’s School for the grand final of the mathematics competition! They qualified for the finals by finishing in 2nd place in the heats - an impressive feat considering that over 80 schools across Birmingham had entered in total. The competition was tough, and the maths was tougher still, but still our team persevered and secured a top-10 finish! Although there were no medals this time, we are very proud of our mathematicians for representing our school. They have also set a great example for others, showing that math achievements are worth pursuing, just like in sport and music. To top it all off, they got to meet the amazing Dr Ken and see his incredible maths magic show!

Not sure what to read next? If you enjoy some of these popular books, we think you might also enjoy our recommendations.


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If you like...                                                    You might like...

                                               http://www.bournvillevillageprimary.org.uk/_public/The Worlds Worst Children.jpg       


If you like...                                                     You might like...

                                                         http://www.bournvillevillageprimary.org.uk/_public/Demolition Dad.jpg


If you like...                                                       You might like...


Spring can bring lots of rain! A simple rain gauge is an easy way to record the amount of rainfall over a period of time.

Follow these instructions to create your own.                                   

You will need:

  • An empty plastic bottle (with the label removed)
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


  1. Cut the top off the bottle and place it upside down inside the main body (Ask an adult to help as the edges may be sharp).
  2. Place a ruler on the side of the bottle and mark in cm up the side.
  3. Bury the bottle outside. It should be in an open area and away from any trees.
  4. Record the amount of rain in the bottle daily. Remember to empty the gauge each time.

Can you design a table for your results? Can you calculate the weekly rainfall?

Congratulations to S in 5H who played brilliantly in our celebration assembly today. S is a highly talented pianist whose musicianship and and astounding technique shone through. Well done S it was wonderful to hear you in assembly today.

School Choir

Choir is on as normal Monday 29th April. If your child is taking part in the Youth Proms please look out for lyric sheets and home learning tracks via Arbour and a letter with details about the day. Home learning resources will also be added to the school website.

School Choir

Choir is on as normal Monday 29th April. If your child is taking part in the Youth Proms please look out for lyric sheets and home learning tracks via Arbour and a letter with details about the day. Home learning resources will also be added to the school website.

It has been another busy week in The Cottage with lots of children having the opportunity to access and enjoy the rooms during lunch and breaktimes.

Exciting news! After much careful thought and consideration we have made the decision to extended our BVP family and welcome two new members to our pastoral team….in the form of guinea pigs!

Animals have many wellbeing and learning benefits, with studies showing they can help support emotional regulation through their positive impact on the autonomic nervous system. 

Animals can also contribute to

  • Reducing Stress and anxiety.
  • Improving  social skills.
  • Teaching responsibility.
  • Encouraging  empathy.
  • Improve behaviour and communication.
  • Boost mental health and increase positive emotions.
  • Boost confidence and self esteem.

To do this we will need your help, so look out for our future fundraising opportunities. 

In the meantime, we would love to hear your pet stories, and if we have any guinea pig experts out there, we would love to hear from you too!

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday morning.

Love from The Pastoral Team 


It is important to have regular conversations with your child about their relationship with using different devices.  Here is some guidance, which supports parents with those conversations.




Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Mexican - style enchiladas with tomato sauce (VE) All day breakfast (VE) Sunday style roast dinner Spaghetti with homemade plant powered meatballs (VE) Margherita pizza slices (V)
Tuna pasta bake (VE) All day breakfast Fisherman's pie with root vegetable crust (V) Chicken tikka curry Fish of the day served with chip shop curry sauce
SIDES- both served with a garlic slice SIDES- served with baked beans and hash brown (VE) SIDES- fresh seasonal vegetables, creamed potatoes or roast potatoes (VE) SIDES- fresh seasonal vegetables and rainbow rice SIDES- served with baked beans or peas and chips (VE)
Chocolate crunch with custard Fruit jelly (V) carrot cake with vanilla frosting (V) Chocolate rice pudding (V) Ice cream flavored tub (V)

Fresh seasonal salad bar and fresh bread available daily, as well as a daily selection of fresh fruit and fruit yoghurts.

Hopefully you enjoyed this afternoon’s Flash Sale and our first Big Book Giveaway. Did you pick up some exciting books? Depending on stock levels we will do it again in the future.

Year 6 Parents - If you are keen to get involved with the plans for this year's leavers celebrations and please text 07974331102


And finally...

Our children are always fantastic at letting us know what they enjoy and what they need us to get better at. This week our Rights Respecting Schools Ambassadors met to think about how we can better promote the Right to Non-Discrimination. They had some fantastic ideas and we will share these with you next week. As with families, we encourage our children to use their 'voices' to help shape the provision at BVP. If your child/ren want to tell us about their suggestions, please encourage them to talk to us, pop a note on my desk or even get in touch via the [email protected] email address.

We hope you all have a good weekend and manage an extra moment or two with loved ones. 

See you on Monday!

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is the responsibility of everyone in our school and at all times we consider what is in our children’s best interests. We work to ensure our children our safe and cared for and by doing this we are protecting their health and development and preventing them from harm. If we are worried, we will raise concerns, share information, and take prompt action with the aim of ensuring families receive the right help at the right time.


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