Breakfast Club- Early Bells

Lunchtime Clubs

Monday Yr 4 Library; Year 6 Outdoor Games with Mr Coley; Rec and KS1 Dance
Tuesday Year 3 & 4 Outdoor Games with Mr Coley; Rec and KS1 Sing -along; Rec and KS1 Drawing; KS2 Fantasy Football
Wednesday Netball with Miss Tichelly; Rec and KS1 Mindfulness; KS1 Mindful Colouring; Rec and KS1 Lego, KS2 Drawing Club, KS2 Electro-music club
Thursday Year 5 Outdoor Games with Miss Tichelly; KS2 Draw with Rob, KNex Club for Years 5&6, KS2 Chess Club
Friday Year 6 Outdoor Games with Mr Coley; KS2 Mindfulness Club 6S

After School Clubs

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
KS1 Creative Design Contact [email protected] KS1 Gym before school Contact [email protected] KS2 Gym before school Contact [email protected] KS1 Dance before school Contact [email protected] KS1 Gym before school Contact [email protected]
Year 4, 5, 6 Choir Contact Mrs Vaughan via school office KS2 Chess Club After school Contact Mr Sherwin via school office KS2 Dance after school Contact [email protected] KS1 Lingotots French Club Contact Year 3,4 Cooking Club Contact Mr Evans via school office
Drama Club Years 4,5,6 Contact [email protected] KS2 Fencing Contact [email protected]
Fencing 4.30pm - 5.30pm George Hall Contact [email protected] KS2 Junior Einstien's Science Club Contact [email protected]

Sportzone After School Club

K@BOOM After School Club

Kaboom is an external before and after school provider organised and located at St.Francis Church. You can find all the information and make enquiries via their website:

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