PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

What they do

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an incredibly important part of the school community for Bournville Village Primary School. The PTA adds a great deal of value to your child's time in our schools and offers opportunities for you to enjoy being part of the parent community as well!

The PTA work in partnership with the school (Teachers, Senior Leaders and Children) to put on meaningful events, experiences and activities to create cross school shared memories that enhance the learning that takes place at the school. With a Parent Community of 670 families, we know that we have a reach well into the wider Community, well beyond those that attend the school, and a successful PTA is seen as a clear representation of the children's energy and enthusiasm for these events. As a result of the activities, we raise funds and donate those funds to the school.

We recognise the importance of creating shared memories between Parent and Child. Wherever safe to do so we always let Children volunteer alongside their Parents, and that Parents are well supported to maximise the benefits these opportunities have on their child's development.

During Reception we focus on events that have social benefit, with the entrepreneurial activities coming through in the older year groups. When your child joins the school, you automatically become part of the parent community and therefore can immediately enjoy any event that the PTA puts on.

If you ever have any questions about the PTA please do not hesitate to contact them on [email protected] or look on their website

What are the raising funds for?

The PTA has provided financial support which has paid for all sorts of things such as library books, PE equipment, iPads, wall bars for P.E. lessons, and the development of the playground and outdoor learning spaces. In planning our calendar of events, we always have the rights of the children at the forefront of our minds. For instance: Recognising that the children have the right to relax and play, we help raise funds for the purchase of equipment that facilitates that playtime.

Recognising that children have the right to learn new skills, we ensure that Key Stage Two children, and in particular Year 6, can be part of the Christmas Fair organising team — in Dec 2023 we have over 50 Year 6 children volunteer at the event supervised by Parent Volunteers to ensure they are learning in a safe environment. Recognising that children have the right to clothing we run a School Shop which makes second-hand uniforms that is in good condition available to any Parents who need it, immaterial of financial ability to pay for them. The "pay what you can" policy has helped provide much-needed uniforms, and those that can pay, do, and those that cannot still benefit.

The money we raise is used to benefit the children, in recent years funds that we have raised have been used for:

  • £10,000 was donated towards the building of the new library.
  • New books for the class rooms of all year groups.
  • Outdoor play equipment for the playgrounds.

We are a registered charity. Our charity number is 1020716.

Who are the PTA?

The PTA is NOT a membership organisation; you don't have to "join" to benefit from the PTA activities, or to get involved in them! The PTA does not communicate directly with the children but do so via parents/cares through newsletters, emails, and SMS through school. We understand that new Reception parents might not feel immediately able to help make these fun things happen around school. However, if you do wish to understand more about the PTA, we can introduce you to the team members to discuss more about getting involved in the PTA Organising Team.

The team is a small but well-formed and supportive group of parents who use their skills to make the PTA activities happen, supported by other parents throughout the year.

Don’t worry – just because you get involved DOESN’T MEAN YOU GET AUTOMATICALLY VOLUNTEERED TO DO ANYTHING.

Managing volunteers is always tricky and we wait for people to step forward and offer their support.

Who makes fun things happen around school?

  • PTA Committee (David, Veronica and a bunch of other regular parent volunteers)
  • Parents… that’s you, if you would like!
  • School Shop team
  • Year 6 Ambassadors and their parents or carers.
  • Discos team (too many to list here, but there are loads of parents and carers that  volunteer at the Discos).
  • Senior Leadership Team




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