Welcome to your newsletter for week ending May 10th

The summer seems to have arrived all of a sudden and we've been making the most of the sunshine with lots of activities happening out and about in the fresh air! This week we've had all Reception classes enjoying trips to Mount Pleasant Farm and some Year 5 classes have visited Walsall Art Gallery. 

This afternoon we held our Annual Concert for musicians in Year 3 and 4 (with a bit of help from some children in Years 5 and 6!); it was a fabulous event- please read further on for more details!

As the weather warms up, please ensure your children have sunscreen on before they come to school and that they have a sun hat too. And with more jumpers and cardigans being taken off, please can we make another plea to name items of uniform (and hats!) as we have a really concerning amount of lost property that can't get back to the right children as they are not named. Thankyou.


What's Coming Up

Monday 13th End of Key Stage 2 SATs Week (Year 6)
No Instrument lessons or Orchestra this week
Tuesday 14th Year 5 Art Gallery Trip - 5H
Wednesday 15th Year 1 Martineau Gardens Trip - 1RT
Reception Height and Weight (Mop up)
Thursday 16th Year 1 Martineau Gardens Trip - 1C
Friday 17th RC Forest School
'Own Clothes Day' for all children -50p donation to support our fundraising for our Pastoral Guinea Pig additions!
Year 1 Martineau Gardens Trip - 1S

BVP Calendar

We've had a number of parents enquire about dates that have not be included in our What's Coming Up section (yet!). 

You can access our calendar on the school website where you will see dates for all upcoming school events, PTA events, trips and more. https://www.bournvillevillageprimary.org.uk/Page/Calendar 



Values of the Week

Today the teachers presented Values Champion Certificates to the following children for demonstrating Challenge.

RC - Amelia G 3C - Abdullah G
RGR - Florrie F 3O - Arlo H
RR - James L 3S - Ottilie P
1C - Laila E 4A - Cooper S
1RT - Darcie G-B 4BE - Eli G
1S - Samuel C 4O- Archie H
2ES- Kaine G 5HPS - Harrison C
2T- Sophie H 5S - Amnah A
2TJ - Rufus C 6GW- Oscar V
6M- Isaac S
6S - Lailah A

This week's winners are:

* ASHA (Reception) - RGR

* AXEL (KS1) - 2T

* ATTIE (KS2) - 3O


Charity Fun In The Sun 

'A' in year 3 and his brother spent the bank holiday afternoon selling their homemade lemonade. They made and impressive £18.50, which was donated to the British Bee Charity. 'A' had the idea for making this donation from reading their classmates newspaper last week about this cause! BVP are so very proud of 'A' for this act of kindness. 

BVP's Very Own Chef!

Z in year 3 made a pizza for dinner using the dough she made at school yesterday during the weekly year 3 Adopt a Chef programme. The pizza looks delicious Z... save us a slice!

BVP's Kickboxing Champion

D competed in the British open championship/ world qualifiers last weekend. 

The competition had over 2000 young people competing and D managed to win both gold and bronze in two different kickboxing categories. This makes him a 3 time British champion and also bagged him a place on the England team. As part of this prestigious team, he will be travelling to Germany to compete in the world kickboxing championships in October. 

We are very proud of D and look forward to his future endeavours.  

We would like to make you aware of a new online game called ‘Poppy Playtime.’  

Unfortunately, it is being discussed by our children, both in the classroom and the playground.  It is described as an ‘introduction to horror.’  Although there is no direct violence or gore, there is a huge fear factor as the player must try and survive vengeful toys waiting in an abandoned toy factory in which pools of blood are visible throughout. One of the main characters (toys) is ‘Huggy Wuggy.’ It is said to be scary for younger children as it is a tall, blue monster with razor sharp teeth. 

On Google Play this is rated as ‘T’ (Teen), although everywhere else there is no official age-restriction mentioned. When you research the game, it stresses that it is likely to give younger children nightmares.  Despite this game only being available on PC, there are many copycat versions our children can download and play through other sites, such as Roblox, Minecraft, and the app stores.  

We wanted to bring this to your attention as it is important that we work together to keep our children safe mentally as well as physically online. 

Thank you for your support.

National Numeracy Day 2024 is coming!

We are excited to announce that we will be participating in National Numeracy Day this year on Wednesday 22nd May.

There will be fun maths activities going on across school throughout the day, interactive live lessons and more! We would also like to invite the children to come to school dressed as a number. It can be any number you choose – from 1 to a million and beyond – and can be represented however you like! Maybe you have a t-shirt with numbers on, a football top with your favourite player’s number on the back, or maybe you want to get creative and make a number themed costume! Please don’t feel like you have to go to any expense – it would just be lovely to see the children celebrating numbers. Some ideas are below!

Today we celebrated the incredible musical talent we have in Years 3 and 4, with help from some Year 5’s. Congratulations to all the children who performed, your confidence and love of music shone through. It was wonderful to celebrate the range of instruments we have on offer at BVPS, hearing flutes, clarinets, oboe and bassoons, violins, keyboards, trombones and trumpets and drum kit.

The children’s incredible performances are a reflection of the wonderful support our peripatetic teachers provide, as well as the children’s dedication to their music. Thank you also to our Year 6 music ambassadors and the help from our Year 6 flute and clarinet players. We now look forward to our Year 5 and 6 concert on Tuesday 2nd July.

Music lessons and school orchestra are cancelled next week.

Due to SFE’s training week all music lessons are cancelled this week. This has already been reflected on Arbor music accounts.


School Choir is scheduled as normal for next Monday 13th May.

Choir will take place as normal next Monday when we will be focusing on our Queen medley for our appearance at the Youth proms. Please can you encourage your choir members to look at the school website, under ‘Our school’ and ‘Music’ for learning tracks and words. All songs must be learnt accurately and from memory.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Tex- Mex campfire chilli served with rice (VE) Chicken/ Quorn (V) Sunday style roast dinner Piri Piri Chicken served with rice Loaded pizza slices (V)
Curry club chickpea and spinach korma (V) Meatballs with a tomato sauce served with pasta honey glazed quorn roast Garden vegetable lasagna served with a garlic slice (V) Fish of the day served with chip shop curry sauce
Cheese and potato pie with butterbeans (V)
Curry club chickpea and spinach korma (V) SIDES- fresh seasonal vegetables (VE) SIDES- fresh seasonal vegetables , creamed potatoes or roast potatoes (VE) SIDES-Fresh seasonal vegetables (VE) SIDES- served with baked beans or peas and chips (VE)
Lemon drizzle cake with custard (V) Chocolate cracknel (V) banana flapjack served with custard (V) Forest fruit sponge (V) Ice cream flavored tub (V)

Fresh seasonal salad bar and fresh bread available daily, as well as a daily selection of fresh fruit and fruit yoghurts.

8 Ways To Be Involved In Making Fun Things Happen Around School...


1.) Bring books in - help make another Big Book Giveaway happen! 


2.) Donate any unwanted school uniform


3.) Book tickets for our Quiz Night on 5thJuly - https://bournvillehsa.wordpress.com/quiz-july-2024- tickets available on Arbor, £10 per person including a fish and chip supper.


4.) Year 6 Parents: why not help with Yr 6 leavers events? Text: 07974331102


5.) Volunteer to help at our discos - Text: 07974331102


6.) Buy Raffle Tickets for the End of Term Raffle Draw - available on Arbor - draw on 19thJuly at 11:00 - £1 per ticket.


7.) Host a Silent Disco! Borrow our kit (60 headphones, 3 transmitters) and donate to the fundraising pot.


8.) Have a tall freezer you can donate? Let us know: [email protected] *we want to start doing ice pops!

And finally...

A slightly shorter newsletter this week but hopefully it's given you some key information along with a flavour of what we've been up to over the four days in school. As always, please get in touch if there's anything we can do to help, or if there's anything you think we need to be doing better.

We hope you have a peaceful weekend and we look forward to seeing you all bright and early on Monday.

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is the responsibility of everyone in our school and at all times we consider what is in our children’s best interests. We work to ensure our children our safe and cared for and by doing this we are protecting their health and development and preventing them from harm. If we are worried, we will raise concerns, share information, and take prompt action with the aim of ensuring families receive the right help at the right time.


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