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Year 5

Welcome to the year 5 page.

Our teachers are Miss Lambeth, Miss Stone and Mrs Spinks. In addition, Miss Peacock and Mrs Allen help us with our learning too.



We are very excited about the year ahead; we have a range of interesting topics which we are sure will engage all pupils. We will also be developing our learning through visits and visitors, including the Space Centre and  the Young Shakespeare Company. Please see below for more information about Autumn term.


Autumn term

In the autumn term, science will involve jetting off into space, exploding rockets and flying helicopters – this will also involve an exciting trip to the Space Centre! In history, we will be learning about the power of Tudor monarchs, the dispute between Henry VIII and The Pope, as well as everyday life for the peasantry. Geography will encompass the study of energy sources and their impact on the environment.


Our timetable- please note, our timetable can vary slightly each week in response to other events and availability of resources.

Our timetable- please note, our timetable can vary slightly each week in response to other events and availability of resources. 1


Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday. Please make sure that hair is tied back and that children have the correct PE kit.


We will visit the library on a Tuesday morning. Children will write about their chosen book in their planner.

Trips and visitors

Space Centre (November 28th) – cost to follow

Young Shakespeare Company (March 11th) – approximately £7.50

Exact details and costs will be confirmed by a separate letter in plenty of time.

Parent events

Parents evening – October 16th (late) and 17th (early)


Maths is given on a Tuesday and is returned on Friday.

English is given on a Thursday and is returned on Monday.

In addition to this homework, we do expect pupils to read a good book regularly and add to their reading journal, as well as, regular practice of multiplication/division facts and spellings to try and make this learning 'stick' in their long term memory.


We ask pupils to ensure they have their planners in school each day. We use the planner as an ongoing reading journal and to support learning in class. Once we have assessed pupils we will also highlight the spellings that your child can spell on the corresponding list in the back of their planner- this will be added to over the course of the year.

Music Lessons

Music lessons have started for the year. All pupils are asked to check the timetable and bring their labelled instruments in on the appropriate day. All instruments are now to be kept in the music room.