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We understand that the home learning experience can be very different for children with SEND and it is our expectation that children with SEND will engage with their home learning in a way (and amount) that is appropriate for them.


Whether your child with SEND is at home or in school, we are doing our best to continue to deliver any additional support they need.

The class teachers are setting work suitable for your child’s learning needs on Seesaw and they are receiving feedback on this. You are able to add comments to this on Seesaw as appropriate.

If your child is at home and normally receives some interventions in school, we are exploring different ways to deliver the interventions to your child. Many of these will have started by phone already; I hope this is working for you. If your child is in school, they will continue to receive their usual interventions.

I must ask you to note that this is our best intention. If the impact of Covid-19 causes a reduction in staffing levels, the provision of interventions may have to be suspended for a period of time. We wish to avoid this if at all possible.


If you are concerned in any way about your child/ren or family, and/or you need further support, please do not hesitate to contact school on either 0121 675 9098 or email us at (marked FAO of the Inclusion Team). 


We hope that you are all keeping well,


 BVPS Team


There is further support for children with SEND via Birmingham City Council’s Local Offer:

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See below for links specific to your child's area of SEND: