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Hello and welcome to Reception:


RC - Miss Casey and Mrs Nguyen

RM - Mrs Merrifield and Mrs Darwood 

RGR - Mrs Gohil, Mrs Ransom and Mrs Drummond


In Reception, your child's learning journey begins with a broad topic focus for each term. Our topics are intentionally broad to allow us to plan learning opportunities which build on what they already know and appeal to their interests. Our current topic of, 'People' allows us to explore any number of aspects, which could include learning about themselves, their family, important or significant people in society, people who help us and many more.


Autumn 2

This half term promises to be a busy but exciting one! The children will have their first experience of Forrest School which will be led by an experienced Park Ranger who will supported by school staff. Continuing with our topic of people, we will have lots of very exciting visitors popping to talk about their jobs with the children. We are also planning to take the children to visit the local shops where they will have the opportunity to purchase some ingredients to make their own playdough for their classrooms. Preparations are also well underway for Christmas and details for the our Christmas service at St Francis church, Christmas fair, Christmas parties can be found on the school newsletter.


We currently have P.E. on a Wednesday morning so please ensure that children have all the correct kit in school. This should include: black pumps, a white t-shirt with school badge and green shorts; long hair must be tied back. P.E. kits are kept in school and will be sent home half termly.



There was a fantastic turnout at our reading workshop. If you were unable to attend you can find the information that was shared here;

Your child now has an allotted reading day, this is indicated in their reading diary. However, timetable changes do happen so therefore we ask that you leave their ‘Big Cat’ reading books and diaries in their bags. Our library slot is on a Friday afternoon- as the year goes on, children will have the opportunity to borrow books from the library. They will have a new book each week and this will be a of their choosing.



In school your children are working hard on their handwriting. They are trying hard to use the correct pencil grip, pressure and formation. You will have noticed that we have included a guide on how to support your child’s writing in their homework book. It is important that they are forming letters correctly as soon as possible. As they get older pencil grip and formation is harder to correct. As always, if you have any questions regarding this then please ask.



Maths is usually taught on a daily basis, in a timetabled lesson, but children practise and use their maths throughout the school day.

In mathematics, we cover the following things:

  • Counting up to 20 everyday objects
  • Saying and using the number names in order
  • Finding one more or less than a number up to 20
  • Starting to use the language of addition and subtraction; counting on and back
  • Sorting and matching objects and shapes
  • Comparing quantities and shapes
  • Finding and recreating simple patterns
  • Beginning to do some simple measuring, comparing lengths and quantities
  • Talking about things like size, weight, distance, time and money to develop correct vocabulary

Mr Setchell, our maths lead, ran a fantastic workshop introducing the ways in which we expose the children to maths. If you were unable to attend then please take a look at the attached PowerPoint.


Cold Weather

In reception the children spend a lot of time outside so can we ask that you are sending your children in with warm coats, scarves, hats and gloves. Can we also ask that your children’s items are named as many children have the same sets.


Water Bottles and Backpacks

It is school policy that all children have ‘Bournville Village Primary’ water bottles and backpacks which can both be purchased from the school shop and/or school office. The backpacks have been carefully designed for our small cloakrooms but big enough to house homework books etc.


We are very excited about the year ahead and are sure the children are going to enjoy their time with us