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Parent and pupil partnership

At Bournville Village Primary School, we are committed to working in partnership with parents/carers and children, to meet the needs of all children with special educational needs and disabilities. We offer many opportunities for parents/carers to be involved in their child’s learning, such as workshops, parents’ evenings and parent meetings.


Who can I talk to if I have concerns or questions about my child’s needs or learning?

We operate an open door policy and you are welcome to come into school to share any concerns or questions you may have about your child.

In the first instance, please arrange to see your child’s class teacher, preferably at the end of the school day, when he/she will have more time to discuss any concerns.


Your child’s class teacher is responsible for:

  • Checking on the progress of your child and identifying, planning and delivering any additional support your child may need and letting the SENDCo know as necessary.
  • Writing pupil progress targets, and sharing and reviewing these each term.
  • Personalising teaching and learning for your child to ensure they make the best possible progress.
  • Ensuring that the school’s SEND policy is followed in the classroom.


Your child’s class teacher may direct you to the school SENDCo, Mrs Woodall.

If you would like a meeting with our SENDCo you can contact her via the school telephone number (0121 675 9098) or by contacting the school office email address,


As SENDCo, Mrs Woodall is responsible for:

  • Developing, monitoring and reviewing the school’s special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) policy.
  • Co-ordinating the provision for children with SEND across the school.
  • Ensuring that parents are:
  • Involved in supporting their child’s learning.
  • Kept informed about the range and level of support offered to their child.
  • Included in reviewing the progress their child has made.
  • Liaising with a range of external agencies who can offer advice and support to help pupils overcome any barriers to learning
  • Providing specialist advice and facilitating training for teachers and support staff.


Pupil Profiles

If your child has a special educational need or disability and/or requires additional provision over time in order to make progress, we may meet with you to decide if it is appropriate to create a Pupil Profile for them.

This is a plan of their targets, strategies for support and additional interventions.

We hold termly pupil profile reviews (usually just prior to parents’ evening).  These are attended by your child’s class teacher and the SENDCo, to review your child’s progress towards their targets and gain your input on their new targets.    Pupils are also involved in reviewing their Pupil Profile targets, sharing their views of the targets and their progress towards them prior to the meeting.  However, whenever possible, pupils also attend their review meetings.


SEN Support Plans

Some children may require high levels of specialist intervention, for which the school requires some additional funding to implement.  A SEN Support plan is an in-depth document, which outlines a child's strengths and difficulties within the four areas of SEND, as well as the provision which is required to meet these needs.

For a SEN Support plan to be written, a professional from one or more external teams, such as CAT, PSS or the Educational Psychology, would be involved with your child and would advise on the content of the plan.

Once written, the plan is then submitted to the Learning Authority with a request for additional funding to carry out the provision outlined with the plan.

SEN Support Plans are reviewed annually and parents/carers are strongly encouraged to participate in the review process.

Please note, unlike an EHCP, SEN Support Plans are not statutory documents.



Education, Health and Care Plans

If your child has, or you feel requires, an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC Plan), please see this section for further details.