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The chief inspector and scientists arrived in school at precisely 9.17 to find the school in an emergency assembly.  They had arrived later than usual, due to the investigation of another unusual occurrence at a school in Bristol.  The harassed looking scientists were confronted with a cacophony of children’s voices and a concerned Mr. Evans.  Children from each class were selected to investigate alongside the professionals and once again come up with theories to what has happened.

During the weekend of the 7th and 8th February 2015, something strange has happened at Bournville Junior School in Birmingham.  A school steeped in history and built by George Cadbury over 100 years ago, these strange occurrences have rocked the local community and have instigated a full investigation by the ‘Inspection team for Strange Occurrences in Schools’.

An investigation tent has been set up in the school grounds.  Within it is an unusual mound of various non toxic materials, crater like in appearance.  Smoke billows from the tent, Local Police have been informed of the occurrence and are on hand to secure the site and reassure families.

The crater is changing constantly emitting low frequencies that can be heard across the school site and into the local streets.  Light is penetrating the mist and occasional pluming smoke.  Scientists are busy checking all vapours for toxic gases, none have been found.

We are positive that the school is entirely safe for the young people that attend and the local community and we are seeking the assistance of the whole local community and experts from further afield in our investigations.