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Forest School

In the beautiful setting of our local Bournville Park, children in Key Stage 1 and Reception can enjoy learning in a designated site and benefit from the expertise of Forest School practitioners - Wild Lives Forest School.


Initially funded from a successful lottery bid set up by a BVPS parent, we continue to invest and are proud that our children benefit from sessions offering learner led outcomes, where children assess risks, develop skills in a holistic setting, build their resilience and understanding of their learning environment and themselves as well as being part of a growing, wider forest school community at Bournville Park.


Following the core principles of quality forest school, we are able to offer weekly sessions for an extended period of time, throughout a 90 minute morning or afternoon session, with the same learners and a higher ratio of dedicated, trained adults. Wild Lives Forest School invest heavily in the needs of each individual group of learners, dovetailing many activities to our BVPS curriculum.

We focus on:

  • Team building
  • Problem solving
  • Physical activity
  • Working with natural materials
  • Opportunity to learn how to light a fire safely
  • Early fieldwork experience
  • Den building
  • Dedicated reflection time


Information for Parents

In academic year 2021/22 and 2022/23, we are ensuring that all of our infant children experience Forest School after the disruption by Covid. Our intention is that by 2023/24, Forest School will be offered as part of the Reception curriculum.


We attend Forest School in all weathers, except for high winds or extreme weathers. BVP provide your child with waterproof overalls but we ask that you provide additional items such as hats & gloves or apply sunscreen before school, depending on the time of year that they are due to visit.


When it is your child’s turn to attend Forest School, a letter will be sent home with more information.