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Computing overview

Computing is an essential part of the curriculum and, as a result of this, the resources available to the children are of the highest quality. In school the children have access to computers and IPads.


The Computing curriculum now focuses on three key strands and encourages children to understand how computers work, how to create and develop software and how to use computers efficiently and safely. These areas are:

•Information Technology: Using applications, sending messages, blogging, photography and film making.
•Computer Science: Coding, programming and control.
•Digital Literacy: Understanding computers, e-safety and cyber bullying.


Children’s Views:

“I first found using code very tricky, but now I can make all sorts of games and animations, just by setting a few instructions in the right order!” Sam, Year 6


“I really like coding because I’ve never done it before. It is much more exciting than making a PowerPoint.” Harry, Year 3


“When the Police came to school to talk about E-safety and Cyber-bullying, I found it really helpful, because I know what to do now if it happens to me.” Ella, Year 6


“My favourite part of computing is making instructions for my robot to follow.” Daniel, Year 6