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88 Pianists Year 5 Project

‘A quarter of the way through the year we found out that we would be doing a project with 88 pianists. They were a mixed group of engineers and musicians that were trying to get all 88 piano keys played at one time from a distance of 5 metres. We had a go at building some contraptions in groups using tools and wooden bases. We decided in groups how we were going to make the keys play, that was one of the funniest parts, as some people went crazy- one person even thought of firing a bunny out of a cannon. Before they left, they played a clapping game and they took our individual designs to decide which might work.’ Marianne and Yasmin.


‘I loved how the team made the design using a sea snake and that they chose my design. I was on the edge of my seat when they announced who was chosen. I never thought I would ever be chosen! It was very sense as it was such a big project, trying to break a world record. It was amazing and I really enjoyed drawing the designs too!’ Derry


‘I really enjoyed painting parts of the design that will be used in the real performance. We don’t usually get to do things like this, so I really enjoyed it. We also got to work as a team and with the Eighty-eight Pianist team, which some schools don’t have the opportunity. We are very lucky we had this opportunity!’ Taylor

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